Wednesday, November 25, 2009

thankful eve

thankful on Thanksgiving Eve

It's been a rough week. Hannah caught a stomach bug Sunday night, threw up multiple times over 12 hours, and took two days to get back to her normal self. On Tuesday Hannah was clingy to Kevin and wouldn't cooperate with the speech therapist, so she left early. This is the girl who LOVES playing with the speech therapist's toys and usually sits on the therapist's lap during sessions.

With 30 minutes to go at work Tuesday night, waves of nausea came over me and I knew that I was next. I stuck it out at work, brought a plastic sack with me in the car just in case, and made it home just in time. No fun to have one's head in the toilet when a little girl is screaming her head off and a little dog is scratching at the bathroom door because they both want in to see their mama.

Kevin's been a saint, cleaning up after us, bringing Hannah Pedialyte and me glasses of water, and just taking good care of his girls. My mommy even brought me chicken and noodles tonight. Thank you. They were really yummy.


  1. Yuck! So sorry to hear you're under the weather!!! No fun at all.

  2. So sorry - hope you both are feeling better soon! And Kevin - Kudos to you! I know it is no fun being the only healthy person in the family. Hang in there all! Get better soon.

  3. Hope you guys are feeling better.
    Give me a shout when you're up and running again!

  4. This post brings tears to my eyes, reminds me how thankful I am too of my DD Kimi. I remember your agonizing wait and now it is almost one year with Hannah Claire aren't we all blessed. She is so beautiful I love seeing her flourish. Wish I had time to keep up my posts.


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