Monday, November 9, 2009

Maclaren stroller recall affecting 1 million strollers

Here's a link about the recall that is affecting pretty much every Maclaren stroller sold in the last 10 years. Kevin has our Maclaren out folding and unfolding it in the kitchen trying to figure out the danger point. He figured out where kids are loosing their fingers, but Hannah is always in her carseat when we fold and unfold the stroller.


  1. Hannah's nana called me this afternoon to tell me about the recall. She said "I wanted to make sure you know about this so you can keep my baby safe..." haha!

  2. Yikes...thanks for calling it to everyone's attention! If it saves even one precious baby and their digits.....

    AND you always post with such a thankful heart...I know that's why so many of us find ourselves coming back time & again for more!

    What an (almost) year you have had....I think I found just about this time last year as you were planning your travels to Taiwan and all the anticipation that brought! I'm so glad to have actually met you all and am thankful that we Mamas continue to have a forum to share our dumplings' milestones, missteps, joys & laughs....and a place to look out for one another too! I'm thankful for that as well.....


  3. Thanks Kevin, for not practicing on Hannah!

  4. we have one too. i'm so bummed about it bc i always thought these were the BEST! i agree, addie's always in her car seat when we unfold hers too. i guess if kids "play" with them it might be a problem, but ours sure doesnt! guess we'll be ordering the fix-it. thanks for the info!

  5. Thanks for the heads up. I never pay attention to that stuff! (But I should) Now I totally won't let Kobi fold up his own stroller and throw it in the trunk of the car anymore :P

  6. It only takes a second and kids move so happened to us! My lovely girls beautiful hand is now not as it should be.


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