Wednesday, September 30, 2009

two months, two weeks

I woke up this morning to the phone ringing at 9:15am. It was a call that we've been waiting over two months for. Our First Steps physical therapist was calling to schedule our therapy appointments to start next week. You'd think I would have jumped out of bed and danced a jig, but I was so sleepy and out of it I asked if she could call back later, anytime today when Kevin would be awake. "He's the stay at home dad, and he should schedule the time, but we're both still sleeping." I felt badly, but there's no way that the sleeping bear next to me was going to be coherent enough to schedule an appointment. She called back later in the afternoon, so now we're booked for speech therapy on Tuesdays and PT on Thursdays. Yippie!

TWO MONTHS and TWO WEEKS elapsed between when I made my first phone call to early intervention until when our first therapy session began. I had no idea it would take this long to start services, and I wish very badly that I had picked up the phone for an evaluation when I first suspected walking delays. I'm sharing this not because I want to complain (Ahem, already did that in one of the intake coordinators nice little surveys!) but because I want to stress to parents to go ahead and make the call to early intervention services if they think their child is starting to show some delays... or just in general for international adoptees that come home as babies and most likely have some delays due to institutional care. A free evaluation doesn't hurt, and Hannah thought it was a blast to have two women come over to our house with a big bag of toys to play with for an hour.

I was also very surprised that our First Steps therapy co-pays will only be $15 per session BEFORE our insurance is billed. I'll be thrilled if these co-pays can count towards her deductible, even if they don't ever pay anything for the sessions. I'm just throwing this out there because I don't want to think that there might be parents out there that didn't want to call for an evaluation because they were worried about what costs might be involved.

Today was a fun day. We shared raspberries for breakfast. We read books, ran errands, visited Papa at work, got a sucker at the bank, walked outside with the popcorn walker, chased our shadows in the grass, she watched me get my seasonal flu shot (and was VERY interested in what that man was doing to Mama's arm!), went out for dinner, and played with toys at Nana's before bedtime. Good times.


  1. Full Circle... Glad that you had a nice day and were able to spend it hanging out together! The theme song from Lion King is singing in my head at the moment. (smiling).

  2. Oh Sarah,

    Woefully behind should be my name....but then I had the pleasure of reading ALL of your recent posts and they were beautiful...prose, photos & all!

    I wish I could ease your working Mama guilt.....but just know that what you and Kevin give to her as a team each & every day is precious, important and amazing! At the end of day, its your face that lights up hers and vice versa too. The balancing act for us Mamas never ever ends and I tip my hat to you and all the hard working Mamas that have to walk that line each day.

    AND she's been with you now for longer than she spent in Taiwan. That's special.....a big milestone. It sounds like maybe you celebrated today with a HC, Daddy and Mama day. How wonderful it is!!

    & finally, ( geesh, sorry for the dissertation ) yay for the services she will FINALLY be getting. I think your candor and honesty is a gift to all the parents reading your blog.

    Big hugs to you!!

  3. Glad you had such a good day and that an appointment is in the works!

    And how the heck are you guys sleeping at 9:15? I'm SOOOOO jealous! I know you're a night owl, and so am I, I just wish my girls would understand that!

  4. Jane, We've moved her schedule so she sleeps her 12 hours 10ish to 10ish so I can see her for a little while after work every day. Thank goodness for midnight blinds that block out all of the light!

  5. Knowing the time it takes to get the ball rolling, I will be taking near-immediate action for Dorothy to have her evaluated. Most likely, then we'll hear something in the spring, right? :-) She's about to be two, so we've only got a year to cram in things with Early Intervention. *If she even needs it*. I'm just trying to be proactive. Your sweet Hannah has alreadyg rown by leaps and bounds with Mommy and Daddy's help- having therapists is just going to bump her into the next bracket of amazingness. :-) Now that you're awake- go dance that jig!

  6. Great tip! I had suggested that to a friend a while back but didn't know it if would really work - great!

  7. I wish I knew a way to ease your mamma guilt, but I have none. I still have many of those days too. Some days are harder than others, and some days when you come home and they are so excited to see you, it doesn't matter anymore. The smiles are what make your whole day better!

    Glad to hear that Early Intervention will be starting - I loved that program for Em, and praise all that they did for my little one!

    Love all your pictures - she is beautiful!


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