Wednesday, September 9, 2009

toddler togetherness at the Taiwan Tea House

Today we ventured to Indianapolis for our final post placement report at our homestudy agency's office. Not going to miss explaining my parenting decisions to a virtual stranger, for sure.

We were to meet some special peeps for dinner and had some time to pass. We went to Target and did a little shopping. Now that Hannah knows how to use a straw, she got to share one of my favorite treats with me, the frozen Coke.

I talked on the phone with our First Steps service coordinator today while in the car. The physical therapist that we requested has an opening for us {hooray!!!} but she hadn't called any speech therapists yet {boo hiss!!!} I found out that a hang up was that the intake person said that she hadn't gotten a copy of my new job's insurance card yet that Kevin had e-mailed to her over a week ago. We sent a photo of the insurance with our phones and hopefully things will start moving now with therapy appointments. Many thanks to a certain very special speech therapist {Hannah is blowing your kisses} who volunteered to take us on in case a speech therapist in our service area is unavailable.

We stopped by an Asian friend's favorite Indy Asian grocery store called Asia Mart, and were pleasantly surprised to find Taiwanese pineapple cakes, boba, boba tea straws, and some box mixes for tea gelatin desserts that looked good.

Now on to our peeps! We had a delightful dinner at the Taiwan Tea House with our friends the Bains and Andrea who will get to be united with her daughter in Taiwan in a few months. Everyone seemed to enjoy their food and boba teas, but the center of attention was obviously our toddler daughters and not the food! They behaved really well considering all of the adults talked for so long. Mary shared her little books with Hannah and knew her name. Mary even knows how to wink! Just don't ask her to share her daddy. Mary does not like to see HER daddy hold other babies. Mary started to get upset when Steve held Hannah, but decided it was okay if Hannah's daddy held her.

Next time we go to the Taiwan Tea House I want to have some turnip cake. I really like turnip cake! The girls really liked our soups and noodles. Kevin and I both liked our red milk teas. Our waitstaff was very friendly and very interested in the goings on of our Taiwanese American sweeties, and we really enjoyed talking with them.

After dinner I took a lot of photos of the girls to try and get one where they were both looking at the camera, smiling, and with both girls sitting ladylike with no diapers showing. This proved to be very difficult, as Mary was ready to go go go and show us all how she can skip along the sidewalk.

Mary and Hannah
Mary and Hannah Claire

busy Mary...
Mary decides to lay down on the concrete while Hannah
hitches a ride AND gets to play with Andrea's keys

the mamas and their girls, minus one
Amy with my Hannah, me with Amy's Mary,
and Andrea (missing Libby very much!)

Thank you for coming, everyone! We'll have to do this much sooner than later.


  1. Sounds like a fun day! Loved the pics - the colors are just great - especially love all the colors in the pic with moms & babies. Wish we had a Taiwan Teah house around here - would love to try it!.

  2. What a great outing!! It's great to be with friends from the adoption community live and in person!! Cyber hugs are good, but nothing like sharing a meal and swappin' babies for a FUN picture!

  3. Sounds like a lovely time. Like Ruth I loved the colors in that group photo!

  4. What, no pictures of Hannah with Jake and Eva? I see where we rank! :-)

  5. The lovely wife, I know! We didn't break out the big camera and need to do that next time. Also didn't know how you'd feel about photos of El Presidente and the little princess on the blog and didn't want to step on any toes. See you next week and hopefully we can buy you a round at the Belly Up!

  6. Sarah, where did you get Hannah's adorable dress? I love it! She's so precious!

  7. Daria, this is last year's baby gap, but someone told me last week you can find this line at the gap outlets right now. I also bought a coat, jeans, and a brown dress from this line that I love... But she needs to get into 12-18 months before they will fit.


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