Saturday, August 22, 2009

Video: chopsticks

This video was taken with my iPhone so there's not much sound.

Tonight after work Kevin met me and we went out to one of our favorite Japanese restaurants. Hannah had edamame for the first time and quickly caught on how to shell her own beans and this kept her very busy during dinner. We ate with chop sticks, and Little Miss Copy Cat was allowed to experiment with my chop sticks while we were waiting for our bill to come.

While shopping tonight, Kevin placed Hannah inside a cart with a big rubber ball to keep her occupied. When it was time to leave the store I took the ball away and it went back in the bin. She cried out, "Ball! Ball!" and the whines started. Great. Now we've started plus fifteen years of whining for things in stores. She quickly forgot about the ball, found other things to look at, and the cries stopped.

Here's a few photos from my phone of Hannah playing on her play mat. She's started stsacking blocks this week, and wants to stack everything she gets her hands on. The new stacking record is seven blocks high. Kevin says she's building towers of blocks right next to eachother. Yep, I think the Zhua zhou at Hannah's first birthday party was right on when she picked the digital multimeter. She wants to be an engineer.

Uh... we missed our dog Sedona's birthday. Wow. Never thought I'd forget the babydog's birthday. Maybe that's why she left a little present on Kevin's computer chair (of all places!) last week. Sorry, babydog. She hasn't been in the limelight for many many months now, but she still gets snuggle time on the couch when we're up watching a movie or a show. Sedona gets plenty of treats, as Hannah willingly shares her snacks with her dog.


  1. The video is cute! I love her outfit too, by the way... where do you find these? I have a site that I go to once in awhile, but haven't found anything even close.
    Oh No, now you are really parents of a toddler! Enjoy shopping trips from here on out- LOL
    The picture/s of Hannah with her hair pulled up in the yellow bow and cutie socks are so adorable!
    Poor Sedona, put of the back burner and Birthday forgotten... How are you going to make up for that one Mom? hee hee, just kidding with you!

  2. Lora, It's Tea. I think this was from their summer or spring line. They have different colors in now. Look under Indigo Play and you'll find it. I'm really wanting something with that red/navy/gray butterfly fabric... but I'm watching until they go on sale. The tights in the yellow bow photos were purchased in Tainan at the department store next to the Landis hotel. :)

  3. Which Japanese restaurant did you go to? I've been looking for a good one.



  4. Kikilia, It's Asakusa on Lima Rd. just north of I-69, right side of the road in a strip of shops.

  5. Sarah, Thanks for the restaurant info- I am going to have to try it. Finally found a decent Indian place (my daughter is from India)- but I love Japanese food and haven't found one that seemed to "fit".

    Thanks again!

    ps.. Your sight won't let me post under my google name... strange

  6. Kilika, We go to the Taj Mahal on Jefferson and I've always been very happy with their service and the food. My favorite item off the menu is a vegetarian combo platter. The portions are large and I end up taking half of it home for the next day. I love variety!

  7. thats weird a japanese restaurant named after a building in India

  8. Anon, If you read the thread... someone was talking about finding a good Indian restaurant.

  9. Sarah,

    We like Taste of India out on Coldwater. It's in the shopping area where Wal-Mart is. We tried Taj, but found Taste of India to be more to our liking.. they have a Garlic shrimp appetizer that is sooo good- we eat it as a meal. My daughter loves their chicken tikka masala (she usually gets the buffet).

    I can't wait to try Akasuka! Thanks again for the info!

    PS. Do you know of any int'l adoption support groups in the area?


  10. Kikila, There is a yahoo group for Indiana International Adoptions that I've joined. There is someone who posts about a monthly adoption support group that has a carry in at her home in Fort Wayne monthly, but I've never been. I can't remember if it is open to only international or domestic as well. This Indiana Yahooo group isn't hugely active, but it's a great source for things happening in our state. I'd also recommending for you to post on it to see if you could find some more Indiana families that have completed adoptions in India.


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