Saturday, August 15, 2009

28 steps

Hannah Claire took 28 steps tonight in my parents' living room. 28! I got so excited while counting her steps that I skipped from 20 to 30... counting to 38. Kevin readily told me that I couldn't count and skipped a 10 numbers. Whoops.

With the help of our friend Amy (aka "the baby whisperer"), we learned that we needed to find out what "carrot" works for Hannah. Amy taught us that the TV remote does pretty well. "Here, Hannah. Walk over here and let's play with the TV remote." A crazy toy with spinning LED lights works pretty well, too. But... the number one carrot to get Hannah to walk is offering her one of our iPhones. I hope she figures out walking quickly. We don't have insurance plans for these carrots!

Hannah ate so much tonight. BBQ chicken, corn cut off the cob, canteloup, Ramen cabbage salad, bread, ice cream, and blueberry pie. When she eats a lot her little belly sticks way out. I was really amazed that she had room for dessert in that belly. I asked Hannah, "Where'd you put your pie? Where's your pie?" She lifted up her dress over her face and showed me her belly! Cracks me up!!!


  1. How cute! Wow on the 28 (or is it 38?) steps! Breelyn's belly sticks out too when she eats a lot (which happens to be often). :)

  2. AAHHHHH! It let me post!!! hee hee Carrot! Congrats on the steps Miss Hannah Claire... uh oh mom and dad... are you sure you baby-proofed everything? ;0) Love ya Sara.sofa in a hurry... can't log in

  3. Whoo-hooo! So proud of you HC! I think you are almost offically a "walker."

  4. Whoooo hooooo....28 steps is some serious walking; how far she has come since you shared her first few steps! Go HC!! And dont'cha love those baby steps....the wobble, those sweet baby precious!

    I remember Lauren's "carrot" was the remote control and so far Tyler's seems to be his big sis! LOL She says "standy & walka" and he snaps to attention! :) But he is NOT at 28 steps, maybe 8 or so!!

    Loved the cute carrot hook to this post and love the update!
    P.S. Wish I could eat all that pie and still look so cute! :)


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