Saturday, July 25, 2009

Video: Hannah's commentary

Today was a non-stop go-go-go meeting up in Chicago's Chinatown with so many great families that love their little ones from Taiwan so much. We enjoyed the children interacting and didn't take many photos, but everyone had a wonderful time. I'll be posting some photos and more later, but here's Hannah account of her day.


  1. Sarah, Kevin and Hannah Claire,
    OH how we loved meeting you all, though it sure went way too fast! AND we loved this account of your wonderful day and I may be wrong, but she doesn't look ready for bed just yet! :)

    She's even more beautiful in person, as if that's even possible and the love the 3 of you share is so evident! Our pics are just so-so, but I will email them when things settle down today or soon!(see how I have to put in that "soon" clause just in case things don't settle

    Well, safe travels home....again it was a true pleasure and I hope we can meet up again soon!
    Scott, Lisa, Lauren and Baby Tyler

  2. Love it! Sorry I missed going to lunch w/ everyone-so wanted to see and talk with you more- but w/ 3 young kids in tow-it was more easy to just stay and hang out in the park.
    Hope you had a nice stay in Chicago!
    Nicole K.

  3. Greatest video ever!!!! Mary loved playing with Hannah (and so did we). We can't wait to meet up again.

    P.S. We put Mary in pig-tails today!!!


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