Saturday, July 18, 2009

cows say moo

Tonight after work we went to the 4-H fair. Unfortunately, the camera was left at home so there aren't any pics. Hannah had her first corn dog but was frustrated that it was too heavy for her to hold and had to have us break off pieces for her. Daddy encouraged dipping it in mustard. Hannah REALLY didn't like mustard. She used a hand to try to wipe it out of her mouth. Daddy had dressed her in a white shirt and I'm thinking NOOOOOOOOOOO as I took at her with mustard running out of her mouth and getting smeared all over her hands! No mustard stains! Thankfully the mustard spots are very minimal and I'll be working on those stains later tonight.

At the FFA booth Hannah got excited and yelled when she saw a very little calf. She didn't want to pet the piglet because he squealed so much. She did pet the donkey, a chick, and several bunnies.

Thank you so much to SANDY from work that got Hannah down in a pen with the BIG PIGS so she could pet one while he ate his dinner. In the cow barn Hannah mooed back at us when we said "cows say moo."

Good stuff. :)

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