Thursday, June 11, 2009


We're still here! :) Here's a few snippits from today.

e went out for dinner tonight at the local Mexican restaurant and gave Hannah a chip to nibble on while we waiting on our dinner. We always have to give her something to nibble on like salad crackers to keep her busy and prevent her from wanting to climb out of the restaurant high chair. Anywho, Hannah watched us dip our chips into salsa. She looked like she wanted some, so Kevin put just a little salsa on a chip. She loved it! Her little eyes opened wide and she smacked her lips. Mi niña picante! Kevin gave her more... but little Miss decided she wanted to dip her chip into the salsa all by herself. She was so funny dipping in her own chip we just couldn't help but giggle. You may not want to share a mild salsa bowl with us, as Hannah hasn't learned that it's not polite to double dip.

Nana watched Hannah while I went to photography for dummies a beginner SLR photography class at the local library. Can't beat $10 for a two hour class! I learned how to use some settings on my camera that I've only read about before, like light metering and changing the strength of a flash, but it made me feel really good that I understood most of it already. I'm itching to purchase a speedlight fill flash and circular polarizer. [Note to self, when considering new hobbies, first check out the price of these hobbies. Taking up playing the Irish penny whistle four years ago was much less expensive.] Anyway... when I showed up at Nana's to collect Hannah, I could hear her belly laughs all the way from outside the garage. Nana and Hannah were playing with "Granny's Purse," a board book-like purse that has all sorts of little cardboard things to play with in it. This was the book that I put Hannah's photo in to surprise my mother with Hannah's referral news. Nana would put the glasses back into the purse, and Hannah would pull them out and laugh and laugh and laugh. I just watched them interact from afar for several minutes. I don't think I've ever heard Hannah laugh so loud and for so loud. They were great big squealing belly laughs where every inch of her little body went into the laugh. So precious!

Nana also reports that Hannah successfully went down an entire flight of stairs on her own tonight. We watched her go down a few steps at a time last week, but she's really figured out how to go down now.

Her favorite foods right now are strawberries and yogurt juice, and there's always room for a rice cracker.

No new photos Hannah lately. I've been figuring out Lightroom using presets (Rebecca's are great!) and the Florabella textures that Shana released Monday.


  1. You just totally made me hungry for Mexican. There is nothing like a Nana and her grandbaby. Just wait til Christmas. Santa's got nothin on Nana. Way to go on the photo class. For some reason I just don't have the patience for the camera thing. I get ticked off when my camera doesn't auto focus. You do a great job though.

  2. I just got my speedlight in the mail yesterday and was only able to use it for a few minutes to take a few shots of my dog ::rolls eyes:: before running out of the house for dinner. Either way, it's AWESOME thus far and I can't wait to find reasons to use it!!

    I found mine on eBay with a one-year warranty from Nikon for only $240!! Ah-May-Zing!


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