Sunday, June 7, 2009

page loading problems

Apparently people running Internet Explorer have had a problem getting this blog to load up for a week. I think I discovered the problem while searching in the Blogger help archives. HERE IS A LINK to a description of the problem. Interestingly, it involves the Follower widget. I removed that widget and we'll see if the problem is fixed. If you run IE and haven't been able to get this blog to load up in the last week (that means you Carmen and Sara/Sofa), and NOW you can... please drop me a comment so that I know it's fixed for you.


  1. I have had this trouble with your and several others and just looked and they all had that one widget in common! So glad I can read yours again!
    Blessings, Michelle

  2. It works!!! Yay!! Thanks for fixing it for me :)

  3. I have been having problems also... I thought it was on my end.. thank you, it opened just fine this evening:)

  4. Oh good, I thought it was me too! I downloaded Firefox and it worked that way. Just found your blog through I <3 Faces and what a cutie your daughter is! I have a 4 y.o. who was born in China, and it's all gone so fast... it looks like you're enjoying every moment!

  5. hallelujah! I was tired of missing my Hannah Claire fix!

  6. It is working now. I have been having problems opening my own blog as well. It is working today though and I didn't remove the Widget. Maybe they fixed the problem? If not, I will know what to get rid of if it stops working again! THANKS!!!!!!


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