Wednesday, June 17, 2009

happiness is... a pink popsickle

pink popsickle

"Hmmm... I wonder why there hasn't been many photos on that Hannah Claire blog lately. What's up with them???"

Uh... it's because I can't keep up. I work 40 hours a week and I come home to a daddy who's ready to be relieved of his shift of diapering/playing/feeding/sippy cup washing duty. Little Miss is on the GO, and she'll be walking any day now. Hannah took her first step unassisted yesterday. She was cruising around the coffee table and decided that she wanted my popcorn snack instead of her Gerber cheesy puffs snack. She turned herself around standing up, reached out towards me, and took one quick step towards me and snatched the little white cheddar popcorn crumb out of my hand.

I had the day off today and Daddy's sick in bed not feeling well, so we got out of the house to give him some peace. We had lunch with Grandpa and Nana downtown, and then went visiting people we know around town. There were lots of waves and blown kisses for everybody. Hannah even got two suckers, but never gets to finish them. {I can't believe the amount of baby drool that a Dum Dum sucker creates!} This afternoon we crawled around in the grass in the back yard, enjoyed popsickles, and then had to have a bath to wash off all of the sticky body parts.

I have lots more photos, and will be editing them and posting them on my photography blog when I have time... that means when Hannah's sleeping.

No new words lately, but Kevin taught her to give hugs and to mimic him to make the Home Alone face.

Gotta run... someone's tired of playing with her school bus by herself and has started throwing remotes and crying.


  1. WALKING?!!!! Time does go quickly! Awwww. With all the working, and Kevin being the at-home Super Dad, I think it's pretty special that her first step was witnessed by you.

  2. love her little piggie tails! She will be running before you know it. Aiden has been walking for 5 days and he's ready to start running.

  3. I'm lovin those little pig tails Miss Hannah!
    She is so stinken cute, have you ever heard that before? LOL!!! Like about 100Xaday!!!
    Love the photo Sarah. For somebody who doesn't have a lot of time, you sure are doing some awesone work!
    Walking? Whoohooo Hannah Claire, it's time for another visit!

  4. Hooray for a first step. Now put on those running shoes, Mom & Dad!

  5. Sarah:

    Your photos and your blog are absolutely flawless. I don't know how you do it. I also work full time and when I get home I have so little time on the computer to process and blog...what is your secret?

  6. ahhh...what a cute picture! I cannot believe she is almost walking :) What a cutie you have, Sarah :)

  7. I love the popsicle pic. Really cute. And her pigtails are WAY cute. Take it easy busy lady. It's hard working and being a mommy. I did it for a little while. Make sure to take time for yourself. :)

  8. I hope I can come close to learning how to use my new D60 the way you handle your Rebel. Did you do this pic in photoshop?

  9. Crystal, I used Adobe Lightroom presets for toning and then Photoshop for the selective coloring.


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