Monday, June 29, 2009

Celebrating our SIX Month Hannahversary

For our six month Hannahversary, I wanted to take a little family photo. I took six shots with my older point and shoot camera on a little stick with the timer. They were all pretty horrible shots, but this one is less yucky than the rest. Id' like a new nice new tripod... as the el-cheapo one broke. I'd like a lot of things. Right now I'll just settle for clean kitchen floors. Sigh.

Happy SIX month Hannahversary!

When trying to figure out what to do tonight to celebrate our six months together as family, we asked ourselves "What would Hannah want to do?" We figured that she'd want to eat sweets and look at birds. We drove into town and went to a nice sit down Chinese Restaurant. It took a long time for our order to come, and Miss Squirmy doesn't sit well without food. The restaurant has lots of embroidered wall hangings, and most depict birds. Hannah and I walked around an empty section of the restaurant looking at birds on the walls to try to keep busy. After several stern words from Daddy to keep her quiet and in the high chair, our dinner finally came. Kevin ordered the three dim sum items on the menu. He's really looking forward to our upcoming trip to Chicago so we can go out to a dim sum restaurant again. I had sesame chicken, and Hannah always has bits of whatever we're having.

It was way too late to go to the zoo to look for birds, so we decided to go to a pet store just to look. Hannah loved looking at the parakeets, cockatiels, and canaries. "Burrrrrrrrr da! Burrrrrrr!" We looked at turtles, fish, snakes, lizards, hamsters, guinea pigs, and ferrets. What fun! Sedona got a replacement for her little football that has seen much better, and cleaner, days.

On the way home we stopped at Dairy Queen. Hannah had a vanilla cone all to herself and ate it while sitting on top of the table (no high chairs) while in her pretty gold dress. Her bib caught a lot of the mess... but she was a sticky laughing crazy silly sugar-high girl at the end of the cone. Tonight she jabbered on and on more than I've never heard her talk before. Of course, I don't understand hardly any of it except for "Ma ma ma ma ma" and "Burrrrrr!"

So silly tonight! Whether from just being a happy girl or on a sugar-high, we heard lots of laughs and giggles back at home.

Here's a little video and a few photos with what we do around the house for fun. Good night!


silly bottle girl


  1. Happy Six Months! I am so jealous of her pony tail, my girl still has no hair and she's three!

  2. I think the family shot is great!
    We should get together and take each other's family pictures. Chris and I were just discussing the tripod thing. We have our Florida trip coming up and were thinking that would sure come in handy...

    Hannah sure does bring delight where ever she goes doesn't she? I love to hear those Squeals of excitement and I can't imagine Daddy having to get stern with her at dinner time. LOL
    Can we barrow Hannah's Daddy?
    Happy Hannahversary to a beautiful Hannahfamily.

  3. So cute!! What is her ht and wt these days? How old is she now?

  4. Julie, She's 17 months, 14 months adjusted. I'm purposely NOT weighting her because it just makes me obsess. Moi? Most likely she's about 17 pounds though. She's grown out of her 6 month jammies because she's gotten so much taller, and I put them in storage last week.

  5. Obsess?? She looks awesome, no need to obsess. It is obvious, even if she is a little peanut, that she is thriving!!

    Storage? Does this mean she's gonna get a baby sister?? (or brother?) Are you guys ready for that roller coater wait again?!! :o)

  6. Julie, Ha ha! :) I have a friend that is due in August and they aren't wanting to know if they're having a girl or a boy so it will be a surprise. If it's a girl... there's a whole lotta pink coming their way! :) If not... I'm ebaying most everything.

  7. Happy 6 months! I miss those crawling days. You will too next week when she's running everywhere. She's so sweet.


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