Thursday, June 18, 2009

2009 Chicago Dragon Boat Races

We'll be going to the Dragon Boat Races in Chicago Saturday, July 25th! If any adoptive families would like to meet up with us in Chicago that weekend, send me a message. We went to the dragon boat races last year and had a good time. I've been in touch with two families that are going already. We're looking forward to going someplace for dim sum too, as there isn't any place that serves it around here. Mmmmmm... I want lots of dumplings, sticky rice in lotus leaf, turnip cake with X.O. sauce... and the list goes on.


  1. Have a great time! It sounds like lots of fun. Maybe next year this time we will have a little one home with us...
    and we will meet up with you ; )

  2. Just saw this. Glad you're going to be there! We'll talk specifics closer to the date! Who else do you know who's going?


  3. Ni Hao,

    I think we might go to this. Amy's brother lives in chicago this would be a great weekend. I will write you on email.

    -Steve, Amy, & Mary Bain


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