Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sunshiney day... and then we heard from TECO

We spent last night at my grandparents' lake home last night and today. We had wonderfully sunny warm weather for grilling, laying in the grass, boating, and jumping in the water to cool off. Mid week the lake isn't busy, and it was just perfect to drag everyone around the lake on tubes around and around until they got tired and wanted to stop.

Midday I checked on our FedEx package. It arrived at the Chicago TECO (Taipei Economic and Cultural Office) at 10:40am, right on time. Yes!

I checked our e-mail before dinner. My heart skipped a beat when I read that I had a message from "teco chicago." Oh no. What now?

We just received your adoption documents today. However, we can't process your application due to the following reason: lack of copies of Kevin and Sarah's passport. Please e-mail or fax to us. Our fax number: (xxx) xxx-xxxx. Thanks.
(name removed), TECO in Chicago

ARG! This wasn't in our directions from our agency, and it wasn't on the TECO Chicago website. But... this is good. 1) They opened their mail and they're processing us quickly. 2) They'll have this information in their e-mail in box when they arrive at work tomorrow morning. 3) This means that the ONLY thing we're missing is copies of our passports, and everything else is okay. YAY! No big deal. But, to other Taiwan PAPs... make a note to send a copy of your passports to TECO with your documents. Oh, remember to put the check in the TECO mailer too... and try be nice to your husband when you're nervous about important adoption paperwork. (cheesy smile for Kevin)

KB and I will have to declare this documents race a tie. We both got our documents in and out at pretty much the exact same time. Way to go! High five to you, KB! Woohoo!


  1. Oh dear... wow! Heads up noted! Thanks for testing it out... j/j Goodness, that is nice of them to accept faxed and emailed copies! Go TECO! Go Sarah and Kevin... Go Copy Machine! Oh yeah and the check.

  2. Yes, yes! Don't forget the check!!! (heehee) Hummm... for some reason I didn't have ANY problems remembering the check that went to the adoption agency. (haha)

  3. Glad it was something easily gotten!!

  4. I agree with you positive outlook- it could have been so much worse and this is an indicator of a speedy system, and one that is ON TOP OF IT! Hooray!!!

  5. Good information! I just passed it along to my friends just getting ready to send to TECO!! At least they emailed you instead of sending snail mail to inform you!! Glad you had a nice day at the lake--it was hot enough for that!! We spent the day in the pool and AC!!

  6. I KNOW... WHY don't they put that important information on their website??!! The Chinese Consulate requires passport copies too, but I only know that because a kind soul told me... nowhere would you find that in the directions ANYWHERE. Oh well... I'm glad they notified you so quickly, that is INDEED a good sign!! Now we pray for the fast judge like Taiwan Lucy has!!!! :)

    Love ya,

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Sorry about the glitch. Those seem to happen in IA. Good news is that the Chicago TECO is pretty easy to work with and they are fast! Here's to a speedy court process!


  8. I wish I would have remembered to tell you that! So Sorry. We hand delivered our contract to Teco San Fransisco and waited in a huge line and when we finally got to the window they told us about the copies- UGH! I so love your positive outlook on this tiny situation, that is what gets you through this rollercoaster ride called international adoption!
    Way to go, your contrats are IN!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog layout, patient and so talented-thats my friend Sarah! Bring on a quick court date and the fast judge, Hannah needs her momma.

  9. Sarah,

    I LOVE the new layout! You are so incredibly talented!!!

  10. Beautiful new look! Glad TECO is on top of it. They were really fast for us and I'm sure they'll do a fast turnaround for you too!


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