Monday, July 7, 2008


One gallon of regular unleaded gasoline: $4.19
One first class postage stamp: 42 cents
Any news of our little one in Taiwan: Priceless!

Today Marina writes, "Lora and I did see ________ today! She was darling sleeping. I swear she grew this week a little. She kinda woke up and did a big stretch yawn with her whole body and her arms went up over her head and then went back to sleep and Lora and I both said, Awwww..."


  1. Definitely priceless! Can't wait to hear more about Hannah Claire.

  2. Eeeeeeeek! How adorable! I know exactly what those type of baby stretches look like and OH MY GOODNESS, they are YUMMY! You are just going to eat her up, I know! Praying for speedy approval news and assurance for you that it will all happen in due time!



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