Monday, July 14, 2008

"Oh, so happy!" We're still celebrating.

We're busy having fun celebrating family and celebrating becoming a family of three. Kevin's parents, grandmother, and brother are still visiting us. We all had dinner at my parents' home tonight, and now the gang has been rockin' in the living room with Rock Band.

Kevin's family came home Sunday with a border collie puppy. The little girl still doesn't have a name, but "Bell" and "Jordan" are in the running. She's quite cute and has had make "good potty" several times, but she isn't used to being alone and cries if she's in her crate all alone and can't see a person. It breaks my heart to hear the puppy cry, but we're quick to reassure her and down next to her crate when she fusses.

Our next door neighbors' house is nicknamed the zoo because they have multiple dogs, two cats, and a guinea pig. Sedona is scared of their wiener dogs, but she looooooves to watch the guinea pig. The guinea pig and her momma came over to play with the doggies tonight in our yard, and we discovered that the border collie puppy loves the guinea pig as well. She's only eight weeks old, but you can see her instincts to herd the guinea pig and Sedona. The cat "Cookie" didn't like the idea of being herded by a border collie puppy, and very quickly put the puppy in her place!

We still don't have any July updates for little Ching-Ling. Contracts are being worked on by the agency, but no word yet when they'll be in the mail. The nursery is getting painted PINK when the family heads home. I'm excited to start that project. Surely outfitting the nursery will keep us busy while our adoption case heads into court.


  1. IF the contracts EVER get to court.....becoming a little bitter here.....waiting...waiting...waiting...


  2. "Sedona is scared of their wiener dogs, but she looooooves to watch the guinea pig."

    Might she want *lunch*? :-)

    So happy you are in a celebratory mode and that you are finally able to begin preparing the nursery and getting ready for your little girl to come home!!!


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