Thursday, July 3, 2008

Marina makes my day FOUR days in a row!

Sweet Marina as been at St. Lucy's meeting her daughter Sarah, and she's bringing Sarah back to the hotel room with her tonight.

Monday Marina wrote that she saw our family's photos and homestudy folder sitting right on top of a desk in the office and it looked like someone was working on our file. This made me feel so great to know that something's happening. Marina got to play with a lot of the older babies, but our sweet little thing is still in the little baby area and not out playing with the older babies.

Tuesday Marina tells me that she got to see her though a window. Marina writes, "Oh my goodness what an angel. She kinda looks like you - weird isn't it? These babies are meant to be ours - I truely believe that. Sarah - I'm almost certain that I did see her. She was lying on her tummy and lifting her head to look at me. She was the only one doing that."

Wednesday Marina writes, "Guess what? I saw your baby today! We went to the little baby room but she was sleeping - and they didn't want me to hold her then. BUMMER! I looked at her through the window though! Oh my goodness she is more teeny tiny than you can imagine. I mean really - she is SO little! I stood and stared for maybe five minutes watching her sleep - they must think I'm crazy. She is about 5,000 times cuter in real life than in the pictures - and she is darn cute in the pictures!!! But in real life she seems like a little sleeping angel. It looked like she was wearing a size 3-6 month clothes and the sleeves were all rolled up so to not cover her hands. It was way too big for her. That is how small she is. I asked how much she weighs and they said about 5 kilos. Her little crib was yellow and way over on the left hand of the nursery. She is lovely. I'm going to take a peek at her again tomorrow."

Thursday Marina writes, "I got to go downstairs again and asked if they would hold her up to the window. She was not in her crib. They went and got her and held her up to the window. She was awake!! She looked more like the picture when she is awake, but still so incredibly small. Her feet are half the size of my thumb. They opened the door and I touched her foot and said, "Mommy and Daddy love you so much - they can't wait to come and bring you home." And she was listening to me and then kicked her legs. Her eyes are BEAUTIFUL. She is darling. So tiny."

Since our referral, I've been having problems sleeping. Really strange because I NEVER used to have sleeping problems. My mind races thinking about her and I can't lay down. I especially worry about our little preemie growing and eating like she should. Guess I never had anything really important to worry about before! It's so so so late. Tonight I know our little one is safe, happy, GROWING, and surrounded by love. Now I can sleep, for tonight at least.


  1. ohh I just got goosebumps reading about all the news on your sweet baby! I know every single tiny bit I get on Noah just makes my heart soar so I am sure you are just loving having so much news this week! :) I can't wait to see pictures of your sweet thang :)

    Noah's Mommy

  2. Hooray for news about your litle girl. Doesn't that just make your day (or four days in a row)?

  3. Janalee did the very same thing for me when she was at Chung Yi picking up sweet Maya. It was the very best week of our wait for Laney. I am so happy that you got such a personal account to give you assurance, and I LOVE that she LOOKS like you!!!!!

    Also, I have major pregnancy insomnia right now, so I think that it must just be a symptom that waiting moms deal with! :)

  4. Hurry SLC! I want to see this little sweetpeas pictures ;)
    What a wonderful thing Marina is doing! Kristin did the same for us with Miranda. It really is one big family community of adoption isn't it?

  5. How awesome is Marina! I know!!!
    So happy that she was able to visit with your baby girl as well.
    It warms your heart knowing that someone is spendig the extra time with her and can share so much with you, every little bit helps with the waiting... I know!!!
    Smiling for you because I can't wait to give precious Hannah Claire her care package and see her cute little face again.

  6. Oh, Sarah, this is precious!!! I can only imagine what this does for your mommy heart!! What a blessing!!!

  7. How wonderful!! I got goosebumps reading your post!

  8. Yay for Marina!!! Sarah, you must be so happy. No wonder you can't sleep. :)


  9. Having updates like this is AWSOME. Can't wait to see Hannah Claire's pics :)

  10. Ha ha - this is awesome! I wish I could do more - like take home to you on the plane! Maybe I will get to see her again today!

  11. Oh guys - I've been thinking about you and HC all week. What a blessing to know how she is doing. I just know she is eating and growing just like she should. Try to relax mama - it sounds like she is in just the right hands - until yours. Amy and the gang

  12. Sarah! This is so wonderful! What a great thing that Marina has been able to translate your love to Hannah Claire. Come on judges, let's bring this baby girl home!

  13. So glad that you got these updates!

  14. That's awesome!!! I'm sure she has some pictures you are going to cherish.
    So it's killing me. And I don't have your email have you heard anything about approval because I want to see the face that goes with that cute little chin!! Maybe you can post an eye here or an ear there, a finger, a knee? Then we can all put it together to see that gorgeous little Hannah!!!


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