Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Contracts in!

Our adoption contracts arrived today about an hour before I had to go to work. I didn't know they were in the mail, so it was a little bit of a surprise. After I got off work at 10pm we went over to my favorite attorney's house (the locals will laugh at that comment) to sign and notarize the adoption contracts and power of attorney documents. The Chinese versions are pretty cool to look at with the little red chop seals. When we have time, we're going to try and have someone help us translate what our assigned Chinese names are on these documents. Adopting parents are given Chinese names on the Chinese translations, but our American names are on the English translations of all the adoption documents. Kevin and I have been talking about having chops made for ourselves and little Hannah when we're in Taiwan. I think that would be really cool.

We have encountered a little problem with our documents. Our homestudy cover sheet and update sheet has an incorrect birth year for me. It says I'm seven years older than I am. Apparently adopting has aged me seven years, in addition to turning Kevin's hair "gray and brown" instead of just brown.

Tomorrow we're calling the homestudy agency first thing to see who to proceed before we head to the Indiana Secretary of State's office for authentication. The homestudy agency and secretary of state's office are both in Indianapolis, so hopefully we can take seven years off my age AND get the homestudy authenticated TOMORROW, so we can ship everything off to TECO in Chicago.

My homegirl KB got her documents today too, so we're neck to neck in our race to see who can get their documents back to our agency first. Kevin got our oil changed today, and we're ready to zoooooooom down to Indy!


  1. That seemed pretty quick to me- probably not to you- but quick to me.

    Now, just get them in as fast as Flash and you'll be good!

    I pray that the date won't be an issue, and for everyone who touches those documents to somehow know they should deal with them quickly and carefully.

    Now, I do remember Sarah k. showing me chops they had in Taiwan. If I remember correctly, they we given them for "signing" papers while in country. So, you'll probably get the same.

    Pinch yourself- this is really happening! :-)

  2. We got ours in!!! Ok, so not yet....just wishful thinking....too funny that you went at 10 last night after work....you haven't even responded to my email...you are down right serious about this little race of ours....vroom vroom!! I'll be in touch little lady!


  3. We were given our chops when we were in Taiwan! Hopefully you will be given yours. You will have to have them made for Hannah, though! We were given stickers with Tyan-Ling's name on them! They came in very handy in her scrapbook :)

  4. He's my favorite attorney too. Good choice!! So glad things are finally moving along for you. Maybe I'll see you next weekend while I am in town?

  5. He's my favorite attorney too. Good choice!! So glad things are finally moving along for you. Maybe I'll see you next weekend while I am in town?

  6. What are chops?

    THanks in advance.

  7. Yay! YAY!!! I am so excited for you! Have fun in Indy!!!!!


  8. Yahoo! Progress! Hope the birthdate thing can get changed easily.

  9. Go Sarah GO! So excited for you guys, hope all goes well with tha changes.

  10. WOOOHOO Sarah and Kevin - you GO!
    We got chops for Chris and I from SLC when we were there and they are cool! So you should get yours too while you are there! :)

    hoping things go well tomorrow with HS and Secretary of State.
    Hugs -


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