Friday, June 13, 2008

"You want one of those?"

Hey everyone, I just got back from the Florida visit with my parents. I had a good time while I was there and Sedona is very happy to see that I came back. (Warning: I'm not Sarah. I don't have fancy photos or scrapbooking in my posts!)

Yesterday we decided it would be fun to end the visit on a fun trip to the beach. We went to a very nice beach near Tampa, slathered on the sunscreen and went for a swim in the warm salty waters of the bay.

My niece was overjoyed to show off her new swimming moves to anyone who would watch. On one occasion I lifted her up on my shoulders to get a better view. She promptly started telling me "Go THAT way Uncle Kevin! THAT way!" I asked her what had her so worked up and she said, "Fish! Don't you see the fish?" I looked and I could barely see the little brown fish lazily swimming near the surface. My niece then started yelling, "Go get it.... Faster! Faster! Get the fish!" I tried to wade to the fish but he was much faster in the water than I was. She had a mixed emotion of disappointment and wonder. She really wanted me to catch a fish for her.

We got out of the water and went to a concession stand to get a little lunch and while we were eating the weather changed and it was just about ready to rain. We decided it was time to go home before the rain soaked our beach.

My niece wasn't pleased in the slightest. She was bound and determined that she was going to go for another swim and started a little commotion. She cried for Grandma and told her Mommy that Grandma would let her swim. I could see the embarrassment in my Sister's face as she took my niece by the hand and promptly started to escort the unhappy girl back to the car.

At this point my younger brother's girlfriend looked at me and joked "You want one of those?"

Yes, I do.

The good the bad and the ugly. Bring it on. Parenting won't always be roses, but I know I'll get my share of "Daddy! Catch that fish!" moments that will make it worth enduring the "I don't want too!" moments.


  1. At least you know what you're getting into :) I think the transition to parenthood is often hardest for those who enter with expectations of having easy children from day 1. It sounds like you'll be well-prepared for Hannah Claire.

  2. Glad that you had a Great time and finally made it back home to Sarah.
    I think she was starting to miss you a little bit...
    What a cute story! I can't wait to see you two with your own "one of those"! I so look forward to hearing the stories and watching your heads spin! It won't be too much longer...

  3. I love this. And, yes, you will have those moments where you're the hero catching the fish, and others where you feel like you might as well just go back to bed. But the luckiest kids are the ones whose parents embrace it all... just don't forget the fish in the hard times :)

  4. Ahh, Kevin, your gonna be the best daddy! Yes it is true that somedays the little fish moments are hard to find, but at the end of the day when you tuck "one of those" in bed and she looks up with you her big brown eyes and says "I lub you momma and daddy" everything is right in the world BECAUSE you got one of those.
    Sweet story, and what an awesome uncle you are to even try to catch a fishy for your very lucky niece.
    Have a great weekend-

  5. Kevin - that brought a little tear to my eyes! What a sweet post. I knew you had it in you.

    You have exactly the right attitude going into this. Not that you will need it, but there are lots of us willing to help (yep, even babysit) =)

    Amy and the gang

  6. Kevin, You ROCK....even without the scrappy pictures!


  7. You are SO right!! Just remember that though during the "I Don't Want To!!" moments!!!

    Let me tell you, the first time they see Mickey is a tearjerker!!

  8. I remember those feelings! Thanks for taking me back in time. We can't wait for you to "have one of those" either.

  9. Sounds like fun get away! And you will be a great MOM to "one of those" and I know you will appreciate every moment with your angel!


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