Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Kevin and Sedona in the tub!


  1. Heh... he must have been happy to be out of there.


    PS. You know what Megan calls dogs that are Sedona-sized? Cats.

  2. hi!
    don't remember how i found your blog but have been watching for a while waiting for your good news! hooray for your referral! hope it goes quickly.

    i have 3 kiddos from russia, russia and guatemala. wanted to tell you that you can't go wrong with a maclaren. have traveled the world with mine. really. get the one that's a step up from the volo so it has a hood and a little more support. you won't regret it. it's totally one-handed to open and close. i can do it while holding a child or shopping bags.

    on the gear topic, splurge on a britax carseat also. i can't say enough good things about ours. we have 6 of them now!

    anyhoo, best of luck with your process and the stupid fingerprinting. i hated that part all three times.
    kelly bee

  3. Ahhh furball getting a bath...heheh


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