Saturday, May 17, 2008

More fun than eBay

I've discovered a blog called "One Child at a Time" that auctions pretty things off to raise money for a baby in China that needs a life saving surgery. The little girl is with the Starfish Foster home that cares for orphaned children with severe special needs. When I found a pink and brown taggie blanket for Hannah, I'm like, "WOO HOO!" Anyway, I won my auction! They have some beautiful custom white and pink toile crib bedding that's going to go really cheap if more don't start bidding. Cute, cute, cute clothes too. Yeah yeah, last thing I need is more baby clothes! I'm trying my best to refrain, and I've been good lately.


  1. ok then, you have to check out this blog I have been following. It is a friend of a friend. They are a family that has 4 bio boys and are adopting twins from Africa. They travel very soon and are still trying to raise money for the plane tickets. Fun times...I am bidding soon!


  2. Thank you for giving the auction a great plug!
    We need all of the help we can get and it's a lot of fun.
    Your blog is darling by the way!


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