Tuesday, April 29, 2008

something good to say

I did a blog design this morning for Michelle. Believe it or not, her blog's address is http://waitingisgood.blogspot.com. Waiting is good? (Scratching my head.) Well, maybe a little waiting is good, but a lot of waiting makes you (aka me) cry a lot and gain back the 35 pounds you just lost at the beginning of the adoption journey.

I'm getting off track. ANYWAY, Michelle writes, "Waiting is like a weed. We can try to get rid of it, complain about and hate "looking" at it. Or we can change our perspective and look for the joy in it. Maybe if we try hard enough, this field of waiting weeds will turn into a flower garden of good things."

Inspired by Michelle, I'm going to try to find joy in my weeds tomorrow. If that doesn't work, I'm bringing out the Roundup sprayer and going to Zestos for ice cream.


  1. haha!!!! Love it... Round-up and ice cream! I love her idea of looking for the silver lining, but I'm with ya on the Round-up as well. I check your blog over and over and girl, I just want to hug you and eat ice cream with you and watch sappy girlie movies until you feel slightly better. There has got to be news soon!? Big hugs and lots of love coming from Vegas sweetie... if there were anything I could do for you, I would. You are an amazing, talented, bright, sweetest, person ever who is going to make the most awesome mom ever! I am cheering for you! =0) Sofa ... if it makes you feel any better, my love-handles are getting squishy since I started the adoption process too.

  2. Thanks for the plug and for the beautiful blog design. Now, BACK AWAY from the Round-up!

    However, if you do need ice cream, Baskin Robbins is having 31cent scoop night. Do you have one near you? http://www.baskinrobbins.com/Promotion/31cent.aspx

    There's lots of joy to be found in a 31 cent scoop!

  3. I just posted about waiting!! :)

    Zestos always helps. :) And so does retail therapy (aka Gymboree), good Italian food, milk chocolate Lindor balls, and Etsy surfing. Not like I'd know, though. :)

    Owen's Mommy

  4. Sarah,
    I love this perspective on waiting. We have been waiting 22 months for a daughter from Vietnam and are just praying we get her referral before the current agreement expires in Sept. I am with you on the waiting. Just wanted to drop by and say hi!
    PAP for Kaylee in Vietnam

  5. Oh Sarah, I wish I had something profound to say about weeds and waiting and such, but I know I'll never hold a candle to Zestos (one of the things I miss about our days living in the Fort!). :-) Take care and look forward to the days when HC brings you a bouquet of weeds (dandelions) - you'll be smiling all the more!

  6. wow, that's a pretty cool prespective. I'll try it.

  7. The other day I realized that the wait is part of Sarah's story and that someday I will be telling her about it. You will be telling you daughter too - that you waited so long for her.

    Icecream sounds great!

  8. Hey girl eat the ice cream now because you'll need the extra calories when your running after that Miss Hannah Claire later! LOL! I'll come eat with ya:)

  9. Email me @ the private address.


  10. go with it honey, there's nothing you can do about it. Look at how much you guys have done and the good things you have done for others in this wait. I can't wait to ready about the sobbing, blubbering phone call!! It's going to be awesome!!


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