Monday, April 7, 2008

Chicago Part 3: Chinese Bakery Breakfasts

Here are our two days worth of photos from our Chinese bakery breakfasts. I think that we ate our way through Chinatown. Mmmmm. The top left one is a biscuit with an almond cookie on top with red bean baste in the middle. Top right is a "sausage biscuit" which was like a plain biscuit with several pieces of a Slim Jim beef stick cooked into it. Second from the top on the left had egg, carrott, and peas. Next down is Kevin eating egg and ham. Bottom photo is a shot of our box that biscuits came in, as well as some mini moon cakes that we brought home and have yet to try. The big photo in the center is my favorite, bacon and egg, next to the almond cookie topped biscuit.
Mmmmm. Kevin's a happy boy here with his biscuit. I wish somplace around here in the corn and soybean fields would make Chinese biscuits. I think I'd rather have these than doughnuts any day. The bread texture is soft, a lot like King's Hawaiian bread, but they're not as sweet.


  1. interesing . . . I'm not sure i've ever had anything like these!

    I wonder if they are specifically an american chinese thing . . . kinda like fortune cookies and egg drop soup. ? ? ?

  2. We went to two bakeries and they both had the same kind of biscuits. They definately catered to Chinese Americans, because most of the signs were written in Chinese and everyone else in the busy bakery (employees and customers) were Asian except us. Maybe Taiwan bakeries are different than bakeries in China. I dunno!?!?! Anyone else have comments about the looks of these biscuits?

  3. Looks yummy! Hope you guys had a fun time.

    Speaking of yummy things, if you email me your mailing address, I'll send you some genuine Taiwanese pineapple cakes.

    - Judy K.

  4. Woo hoo! Taiwanese pineapple cakes!!!


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