Saturday, March 15, 2008

sightings of spring

My parents came over today to give us our Easter basket and my birthday present. We've got chocolates, plastic eggs with jelly beans, snacks for Kevin, treats for the babydog, and a little something extra for me that was wrapped in a ladybug bag. They'll be away on spring break on my birthday, so I got to open up my present early. Yes, I shed a few tears. It's a beautiful mommy necklace stamped "Hannah Claire." I took this photo on a little embroidered Easter dress I bought last year. My mother is convinced that we'll get THE CALL when she's away on spring break.

The adoption agency did call this week. Still waiting for the next baby girl referral.

Last night we went out for pizza with another adoptive family with two little cuties from Kazakhstan and Taiwan. It's amazing how families that have never met before can have a great time and share so much in common!

It's been so nice to have some warm weather lately. We picked up the yard and went on a walk around the neighborhood on Thursday afternoon. We met some new neighbors that have two shih tzus. When it's a little warmer we'll have to have the neighbors over for a shih tzu doggy play date.

Credits: Everything from Weeds and Wildflowers Joyful Hearts except the swirl from Mandabean and Robin Carlton's Precious Child at Sweet Shoppe Designs. Font is Jayne Print by Font Garden.


  1. Sarah,

    I FULLY expected that when I had returned from England that I would see you and Kevin had heard news of Hannah Claire. I know this is terribly hard on you and that your future daughter is never far from your thoughts. She will be priceless, of that I am sure.


  2. what a beautiful gift! I know it seems so far away but soon HC will be tugging it off your neck. :)

  3. Beautiful necklace. Your mom is a good shopper...a trait she passed on, eh? ;-)
    Glad you are feeling better and seeing signs of spring "up north". I'm sure watching your Butler B-dogs in the upcoming tourney will have you feeling better too.
    Now if that ol' referral would just come....
    Take care!


    So glad to see that you are better and back to your beautiful bloggy self.

    Love the necklace!

    Mom buys fun stuff!


  5. What a beautiful necklace! That was such a sweet gift. I'll continue the positive thinking and go along with your Mom that "the call" is in the very near future.

  6. Beautiful necklace! I have been following your posts and am routing for that call to come in quickly!

  7. What a gorgeous necklace! Love the new blog look too! Positive vibes going your way to add to yours...

  8. We had a great time with you guys as well. I am sorry I am just now seeing this post (check your email as to why! I'm such a dork!!)


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