Monday, February 11, 2008

Writers strike = Empty TIVOs

Anyone else about ready for the end of the writers strike? Our TIVO is scraping the bottom of the barrel looking for things for us to watch. The only new show we're recording regularly is Ni Hao, Kai-lan on Nick Jr. Two thirtysomething wanna-be parents sitting at home together watching a show for pre-schoolers is pretty sad. Ki-lan is a lot better friend than Kevin and I are. We both would have kicked Tolee the koala out of the band for the music show because he couldn't rhyme when Hoho the monkey was laying down the beat for the music show. Follow all of that? I know, we're pitiful. I miss my shows... especially Saturday Night Live.


  1. I really miss Grey's Anatomy!! But, I am a huge Big Brother fan and they are bringing it in for winter and it starts tomorrow!! Woo-hoo :)

    How did the Chinese New Year party go? Do you have pictures to post? I'd love to see them. I am so bummed we missed it. Maybe next year....

  2. Thanks for the reminder about Kai-Lan! I have now added it to my TiVO! Hang in there...I think the writer's strike is nearing its end.

  3. We're right there with you. Our cable was giving us trouble last night, and I didn't really care...there was nothing to watch! Thanks for the tip from someone who posted earlier about Big Brother. I'm right there with them. UGH! However, I must admit Reed provides a lot of entertainment, but he goes to sleep at 7.

  4. I'm there too. If you haven't seen Jon and Kate Plus 8 yet you should add it to your TiVo. It is on TLC and it is my new favorite show. :-)

  5. I watched that episode with my daughter, who is a HUGE Dora fan (in fact, that is all she cares to watch all the way through). So, she was skeptical and we only made it through the first 15 minutes and I had to watch the rest of Kai-lan solo! I think it's pretty cute!

    I'm with you on the writer's strike. I feel like we don't watch *that* much TV, but what we do watch is TiVo'ed and we make it an event- I miss Heroes and Journeyman. (and I know it has nothing to do with the strike but I really miss Gilmore Girls and have yet to find a solid replacement!) Project Runway is still going, so I'm happy. And there is a channel called Fox Reality that is replaying the first season of Hell's Kitchen, which we never saw, so that has been on the TiVo. Other than that? Nutin'. :-( Hmmm. Always a fan of MythBusters- that's still going strong.

  6. We love Kai-Lan around here. My girls think she rocks. :) They now go around telling everybody "Ni Hao"!!

    We love SNL too!!

    Love & hugs,


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