Saturday, February 2, 2008

January update from the adoption agency

We received our January update from our adoption agency this morning. I'm not going to comment on the details and there's no ETA for a the referral... but things are moving along in the right direction. Yay!

This has been a hard week on me with adoption anxiety and work stresses. I just worked seven days in a row and have had to get all of that homestudy update togehter at the same time. Sorry I've been a little freaked out grump with people in real life. This update makes it all so much better. Hugs all around today.


  1. Sarah,

    Every time I check your blog I hope to hear news of a referral. I'm happy you received an update from the agency and things are moving along. Hopefully you will have some terrific news to share with all of us very soon! I'll be praying for you and Kevin, and little Hannah Claire, too.


  2. I am so happy to hear this-I want to send little baby girl presents your way in celebration soon! Can you set up a gift site at babyage or They are great online baby stores! Vonne Barnett

  3. Vonne, You're such a sweetie. :) We'll register at Target and Babies R Us after the referral. In this blog's sidebar I have links to my wish list (mostly books for Hannah) and a Koobodle Wish list that I created for myself to keep track of cool stuff that I find online. We obviously have *way* too many baby clothes for our little girl already, but she has only a couple of toys! Poor thing...

  4. Yeah for any good tidbits that you can get!! Here's hoping that things continue in the right direction...and at a much speedier pace now!

  5. Sending you tons of HUGS and hoping for good news soon. So glad you got news things are moving.
    Thinking and praying for you everyday

    tiffany and sophia

  6. Hooray for news!! :)

    Love ya,

  7. Sounds like you're happy, so we're happy!

  8. I'm sorry there is still no news. I guess this means that perfecting little Hannah is just taking a bit longer then usual ;) I hope to come here soon and see you brimming with tears over a referral picture.

    Miranda's mom

  9. Ooooh - you must be getting so close now! The anticipation is really building now!

    - Judy K.

  10. The right direction is a good direction!! We're standing by and will probably hear you scream from California! It's getting closer...


  11. I'm sorry to hear about no updates i saw your name pop up somewhere and thought you had a referral while I was gone, boo hoo you didn't. They need to hurry up already!!! We had to do our hs update too and never actually needed it ARGG! you are preaching to the choir! hang in there!


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