Thursday, January 24, 2008

HOMESTUDY MEGA UPDATE DUE 3/7/08: And I thought I had the day off tomorrow!

I'm sooooooo not happy. We got a letter today from our homestudy agency.

"The state of Indiana has mandated new requirements for adoption. They are asking the following information be updated every 12 months until the adoption finalization. Because of this new requirement, we need to ask you to update the following information to keep your file current for your adoption. We realize this is an inconvenience but unfortunately it is necessary in order to keep your home study valid. Per Indiana regulations, your homestudy will be suspended on 3-7-08 if this update is not completed. For international adoptions, this means your home study will be revoked from CIS. (Not only will your child not be able to enter the United States, but also you will be required to start the CIS process over including the application fee.) In order for your Indiana Review to be completed, we must have received all the documents as well as the background checks back from the state-these can take up to a month to process to start working on the immediately."

Here's a list of what we'll have to RE-DO:
  • FBI National Criminal Check (includes fingerprinting once again on blue FBI fingerprint cards at $28.25 each
  • Indiana State Limited Criminal Check at $7 each
  • Local criminal checks – going back to two police departments... and the town that we used to live in charges for local criminal checks!
  • Child Protective Services – National Criminal Check
  • Physician Update Letter – Great! We get to pay for physicals again!
  • Updated tax record copies and pay stubs
  • Pet vaccination records. Got shots, Sedona???
  • Complete a questionnaire and pay the homestudy agency another $150 to update our file.

Well, I guess I know what I’m going to be doing on my day off tomorrow. I'll be getting fingerprinted by the state police, and going back to the city we used to live in for background checks AGAIN. ARG!!! I had no idea that we'd have to go through this all over again so quickly. We jump through hoop after hoop to be able to adopt, but we see total losers that are so-called parents to kids every day.


  1. Wow, that just bites. It appears they conspired to keep you REALLY busy while you wait. So sorry!

  2. As my 2-year old says, Oh maaaan! Bummer. Hope you can get it all done quickly and get back to that relaxing thing called waiting. ;-)
    Good luck!

  3. Hi! My name is Carmen and we adopted our daughter, Alea Tyan-Ling Grace from Taiwan last year. We arrived home on Jan. 1st. We used missionaries living in Taiwan who run The Home of God's Love. We had a great experience, met her birthmother and still have contact with her. Check out our blog to see her! We also adopted our first daughter, Braylen from Kazakhstan. I will continue to follow your story and pray that you get your referral soon. Our process went really fast and it seemed forever! I can't imagine waiting this long.

  4. Just realized you used Adoption Support Center for your homestudy! So did we!!! Where do you live? I think we live close to each other!!

  5. Oh brother! I'm so sorry this happened.

  6. I'm so pumped that Carmen FOUND me online!!! Let's get in touch soon.

  7. That's just..Why those..
    That STINKS! I am sorry you have to do this. Geez, would they just give you Hannah already??

  8. Nooooooooo!!!! Oh, I am so, so, so sorry for you.

    - Judy K.

  9. I am sorry that they are setting up more hoops for you to jump threw.

  10. Good grief!!!! The hoops are never-ending for you guys it seems. So sorry!


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