Saturday, January 12, 2008

finger update - 6 days later

I took my own stitches out tonight. I called my sister, an intensive care nurse, before I took them out to make sure that all I needed to do was snip them and pull out the thread. I only had two stitches, and they weren't holding anything together anymore as the Dermabond superglue had all flaked off today the stitches hung loose.

Well folks, I think I have nerve damage. I was hoping that the loss of sensation was due to the Dermabond over the area, but the glue is gone and it doesn't feel right. I know it's still healing, so we'll see what happens and how permanent this will be. Luckily I still have all of the sensation on the very end of my finger to help me type, pick things up off the ground, etc. It's a dime sized area on the side of my finger that feels numb.

Sigh. Let this be a lesson. Always use a cutting board in the kitchen, no matter how small the job. Or just eat out or let your husband do all of the cooking and food preparation. That sounds like an even better idea. I haven't cooked a thing this week that didn't involve opening a box and putting it in a microwave!

Oh my gosh! I'm looking at my finger and just realized that I'm most likely going to have a scar and this changes my fingerprint. My brain frantically searches... does this mean that I need to be fingerprinted again by immigration for the adoption? Surely not. I'll have to ask my adoption agency representative next time we talk, but surely not. That would be craziness, but there's a whole bunch of things that you have to do to adopt that are just crazy.


  1. Hi, Glad your finger is better. OMG we just went through more fingerprints then you can imagine. Little Hannah has to come home before renewal of I600A (18mos from 1st one). Saying more prayers for you tonight!

  2. You're a brave lady to take your own stitches out. You couldn't pay me enough to do that to myself.

    - Judy K.

  3. Hope your finger starts feeling better soon. My dentist had a mishap with an instrument (never going back) and it took a while for my nerves to start working again so hopefully yours are just being slow like mine?? :-)

  4. Poor you...I hope you don't have nerve damage.



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