Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Adoption Physicals - Take 2

Well, we had our second set of adoption physicals this morning. Thankfully they didn't test us for cooties as our adoption physical forms didn't ask for the results. According to Kevin's sister, Kevin is likely to be a carrier of cooties. I'm fortunate, as I was vaccinated at a young age to prevent catching this horrible disease. We'll go back later this week to have the TB test results read, then we'll be all done with our part of the previously grumbled about newly required adoption homestudy update. (Sigh of relief.)


  1. LOL on the previous post!! Hahahaha. My girls got a kick out of it too.

    Wow, you are really on the stick getting this update done. Good for you! Almost there!! Next step: Hannah Claire!


  2. Do you know if there is a cure for cooties? Maybe you could start a cootie foundation! Congrats on getting your update done. You're a pro now (as if you weren't already). :-)


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