Wednesday, December 5, 2007

This Wintery Week

I've been a little quiet this week in bloggy land. Not much to say, so we're just going on livin' our lives. Kevin's convinced that his Guitar Hero guitar wasn't working right, and had the manufacturer send him another one. Well, they messed up and sent us a new guitar AND a new drum set... so we're enjoying "drum offs" challenges at home in the living room this week until we have to send back the drum set.
It snowed last night so now there's beautiful white stuff blanketing the grass. I made a little digiscrapping page today to remember our snow rituals as a couple.

Last Wednesday I visited my friend Amy to help design her blog and showed her how blogger works. Amy's a mom in control, and I can learn a lot by watching her interact with her children. There was a biting incident with a friend, and her son was on the receiving end of the munch. I was amazed at how well and calmly she handled the situation. "Was that a good choice?" "How do you think that made him feel?" When she asked the friend if he bit her son, the five year old had different answers. First the answer was no, then it turned into "I don't recall," and finally it turned into a yes. I can't believe I heard a five year old use the words "I don't recall!" He sounded like he was testifying before Congress!

Amy had some gifts for Hannah Claire. I'm now the proud owner of two little pairs of tights because "no one ever gets you tights." I also have a little jean jacket and a beautiful light blue flowered Asian inspired linen jacket. I especially love the jacket. It is sooooo beautiful!

Jeff, Abbey, and Reed tipped me off that Target had some pink Hannah Banana jammies. During a Target run on the way home from Amy's house, these jammies just happened to fall into my cart! Amazing! How'd that happen? I don't recall!

Finally, Sedona the babydog went to a new pet spa for the first time this week. Mommy thought a lady's garage was a funny place for a spa, but the new groomer did a nice job. Sedona thinks she's all right, because she got a rawhide candy cane bone for the car ride home.

Kevin and I have been working on Sedona's self control this month. We drop a treat on the ground, and she has to wait until we say "okay, get it!" before she's allowed to have it. This is a nice command to stop her from eating up things we drop on the floor while cooking.


  1. Ha! You crack me up with those pajamas just "happening" to fall into your cart. H.C. will be one well-outfitted little girl.

    It's exciting to think you're next in line. Any day now...

  2. Well, doesn't Miss Sedona look spiffy!!

    Love the jammies, and how sweet of Amy to get you some presents!!! Her new blog looks fantastic.


  3. Just wanted to say hi and I am still checking in daily waiting to do the happy dance when news of a referral hits!
    Also I wanted to let you know that you are one of the most talented digi-scrappers I have ever seen!

  4. "I don't recall." Hahahahahahah! OMG, that is too great. Pleeeease don't anyone let my daughter hear that or she'll be saying it nonstop!

    And yes, Alice is right, you are wildly talented at digiscrapping. Whatever you do for a living, you should stop immediately and do something with THIS skill. :) You most definitely rock.


  5. Oh how glossy Sedona looks! I foresee another drum set in the near future:) LOL!

    Oh & come on Ref!

  6. I'm with Sherry- COME ON REFERRAL!

    waiting for our little girl referral, too
    FFC, logged in 04/25/2007

  7. I'm so glad that you were able to make it to Target. Those jammies must have been waiting on you to come and that's how they ended up in your cart. There was no way you could put them back on the shelf!

    Where's that referral?


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