Sunday, November 11, 2007

Stork Alert Downgraded from Orange to Yellow: keeping busy getting ready for Christmas

I'm not expecting any adoption news until after Thanksgiving. Our adoption coordinators are in Taiwan with volunteers renovating a birthmother home at the St. Lucy's Center in Tainan.

That's all right. We've got plenty of things to do until Thanksgiving. Kevin is gathering up his ingredients to cook another Good Eats Roast Turkey that marinates in a brine overnight before Thanksgiving. (This is very good! Try this recipe this year!) Kevin's brother Shane is visiting is from Florida. What does the nice sister-in-law do to a visiting brother-in-law from a warmer climate? She makes him help clean her garage and get up on a chilly rooftop to hang up her Christmas lights! I've cleaned most of the house last week, and this week I hope to put up all of the Christmas decorations. Last year I left a empty spot where our Christmas stockings were hung by the fire. This year I ordered a matching embroidered needlepoint stocking for Hannah. It has a navy blue background and features Santa's sleigh with reindeer. I hope that that we'll have her referral before Christmas so Santa can fill her stocking. Hannah has lots of clothes, but the poor girl has hardly any toys at all!

last year's Christmas mantle with an empty place where Hannah's stocking should hang


  1. Ooooh, I love Good Eats-- Alton rocks! I may have to try that recipe. AND I love the stockings. I have some just like that, although we haven't decided on a name, yet, so I can't order another one! :-)

  2. I may pass that recipe on to my mom, who will be cooking Thanksgiving turkey this year!! Thanks Sarah!! :)

    Very cute stockings... and I love the scrapping!! Kudos to you for starting early on your Christmas decorating. I am always so late getting my stuff up!!

    I'm sure Kevin is enjoying having his brother around for his b-day!! You guys have fun...

  3. Someone asked me more questions about the turkey. We used a fresh turkey rather than a frozen and it did sit in the brine overnight. It was the most moist turkey I’ve ever had. The best was the flavor from the things that were stuffed inside the turkey.. apples, onions, rosemary, sage, and cinnamon sticks. It was so good when you bit into the turkey and could taste the flavor of all of those goodies… especially when you had a piece of turkey that cooked right next to an apple. MMMM... turkey.

  4. Your holiday plans sound wonderful. Your home is so full of love! All this and Good Eats, too? Be still my heart! :-)

  5. We are so ready to get our renovations done so that we can put up our 5 Christmas trees!


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