Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our Family Rocks Together - Thanksgiving 2007

My family's Thanksgiving gathering was Saturday, and here's the pics from the event. There was a little rockin' going on in the basement before and after dinner. We took a lot of pictures to make a scrapbook for Grandma. She doesn't have much short term memory anymore, so we made a scrapbook with notes from family members and photos of the day for her to take back to the nursing home. We're sending a similar scrapbook to my cousin in Botswana in the Peace Corps.

I was on a walk with Sedona dog and my mother this week. During the walk a little neighbor girl asked my mother if I was her sister. Mom thinks this is just great and laughed about it all day! Man... I know that I'm way overdue to have my hair colored, but I didn't know that it was that bad. Waiting for baby must really be bringing on the grays.


  1. Great scrapping, girl!! Looks like a fun time. The pics are great - love the one of you rockin the electric guitar!! :)


  2. Love the new look to your blog! And your thanksgiving layout looks awesome as well. It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving. Here is hoping you receive a referral soon!


  3. These pages are as cute as can be, and such a sweet thought to provide your grandmother with tangible memories of her time with you guys!

  4. Oh yay... wait til you have Hannah home! Then the wrinkles make their appearence over night & you'll be forced to start Botox. LOL! Forget about getting your hair colored every 4 weeks... try 8! Oh & all those diapers really dip into your Louis Vuitton fund. LOL! LOL! But hey nothing beats having a little person say "I love you", well... more like "I LOW U" :) LOL!

    Hope that calls comin real soon for you guys & glad to see you had a good Thanksgiving :)


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