Thursday, November 22, 2007

9 months paper pregnant

It's Thanksgiving, and we're officially nine months paper pregnant.
Still waiting... and hoping... and wishing... and praying.
We've got our fresh bird, and will be setting it into the brine overnight Friday night for my family's Thanksgiving gathering on Saturday. The Rock Band game for the Playstation arrived at our house yesterday. I've been playing the drums and Kevin's on lead guitar. We need a vocalist if anyone wants to come over and sing! We didn't know what to name our band, so we named it Sedona Sunrise, our dog's name, by default. When Sedona jumps up in the middle between us while we're playing, we've had fun accusing her of trying to spit up our band. Family beware: you'll be expected to join our rock band at the Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings this year. Bring your own drum sticks and cowbell if you like, because "I got a fever, and the only prescription... is more cowbell!"


  1. Love the cowbell! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving. . .thanks for sharing the clip from SNL. It's always fun to watch this clip.


  2. I'm there! I'll do the vocals if your husbie wouldn't mind my husband playing bass or something. He LOVES guitar hero and is jonesing for this game!

    Happy Bird Day!


  3. Happy Turkey Day! I think you guys should write Playstation & ask them to some how incorporate the "cowbell". LOL! LOL!

    *Happy 9 months* Just think thats 9 months you wont have to go through again:)

  4. Joe quotes that cowbell line all the time with perfect intonation! Love it!

  5. Happy nine months!!! It should be any day now for you guys!! I'm super excited and can't wait to see Miss Hannah's face.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  6. Hey, we love that SNL skit!! Hahahaha... Will rocks. :) I will totally come over and be your Sedona Sunrise vocalist, just be aware that I suck. LOL.

    What a fun post. Surely it should be any day now that you hear about your little girl!! Cute scrapping too. :) That verse is my favorite of all adoption verses.

    Hugs, and Happy Thanksgiving!!

  7. Surely it's got to be soon. I'm hoping and praying for you.
    I wanted to ask some questions about your digital scrapbooking stuff though. Have you got a post about what you use? Or feel like making one? :) I want to start doing it too.

  8. Andrea, I have digital scrapbooking links in my sidebar. There's a link to my favorite software FotoFusion, and some of my favorite software designers that have freebies. For those that like templates to pop papers and elements in, there's a link to my favorite site to buy templates.

  9. That sketch is too much! I love Will Ferrell.

    Congratulations on meeting the 9 month mark- you're so close!!!

    waiting for referral as of 4/ 25/ 2007


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